It’s time to rewrite our online gaming laws


While the colonial-era Public Gambling Act is still around, this activity is under the legislative jurisdiction of states, which has resulted in a variety of policies in various places in India

The year 2021 witnessed a slew of laws on online betting and gaming being passed across the Indian subcontinent. Some states have imposed outright bans, while others have made restrictive amendments to existing laws governing online gambling. It is fascinating that the state of Karnataka declared a blanket prohibition on all online games involving monetary stakes after a clarification was made by the Madras high court on this issue. While quashing an overarching ban imposed by Tamil Nadu’s gaming amendment in the matter of Junglee Games vs State of Tamil Nadu (2021), the high court clarified that games of skill can be played online for stakes, as they cannot be categorized as betting or gambling.

Given this background, it is imperative for stakeholders in the field of online gaming to understand the policy framework that exists in India. Online gaming policies fall under the legislative…

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