Campus Connect

Centre for Knowledge Sovereignty’s (CKS) Campus Connect Program is a major initiative dedicated to promoting literacy in policy affairs in the areas of Digital Governance, Digital Infrastructure, Cyber Diplomacy, Cyber Security, Digital Empowerment, and Cyber Safety Awareness. The program provides a forum for the educational community to join debates on such issues and interact with domain experts, government policy-makers, and industry leaders.

CKS’s Campus Connect Program connects and empowers the next generation with opportunities to:

  • Enrich the policy discourse with new energy and perspectives
  • Develop skills and expertise required for policy development
  • Know more about the Digital India ecosystem
  • Meet and learn from eminent experts across fields
  • Participate in global conversations
  • Explore career opportunities

CKS creates opportunities for students to leverage their unique strengths resulting in an impact that matters. It focuses on building global awareness, leadership, and societal engagement.

The Campus Connect Program has several components, such as Summits, Roundtables, Seminars, Student briefings, Workshops, Guest Lectures, and Career Talks, weaved together to create synergy for effective and fast-paced learning.

Student Briefings

Each quarter, CKS welcomes a limited number of College and University students to its Headquarters in New Delhi to learn about the organization and meet the CKS team. Briefings might include an overview of the organization, its mission, a policy discussion with CKS experts, or a short presentation on job and internship opportunities. Each group consists of not more than 20 students during the briefing sessions which can be occupied on first-come, first served basis.

Student Ambassador Program

CKS appoints Student Ambassadors in respective universities where, as a leader, they enable those around them to understand the depth of technology, public policy, and the impact it can have on the society with meticulous implementation.

In this program, students are empowered with certain skills to help them lead in thoughts and actions to represent CKS’s activities and engagement programs on campus.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Act as a liaison between CKS and the respective institute to build fruitful relationships on campus with faculties and students on behalf of CKS
  2. Organize on-campus events with the help of CKS team
  3. Be evangelists for CKS – Create awareness, engage the community, thought leaders

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the Student Ambassador Program, a candidate must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Enrolled as a current student in an undergraduate / post-graduate course in any academic discipline
  • Interest in technology and public policy domains
  • Inquisitive and adept with basic research skills, data collection, inferences, and analysis
  • Be a team player, have strong analytical skills, and ability to meet deadlines