With technology unfolding at remarkable speeds the sound thinking and factual approach of our experts bring to the table are more important. Our focus is to bring out our work to key audiences – from boardrooms to ministries. Achieving this impact in the face of so much noise takes significant resources—resources that we rely on our support of Corporates. These are open to organisations (for-profit and not-for-profit ) with interests in the areas of cybersecurity, critical infrastructure protection, disruptive technologies to support the work of the Centre and participate in its activities, including events developed with the specific interests of its corporate members in mind, including roundtable discussions on key policy and regulatory issues and regularly scheduled off-the-record events.

Your support will help fund research (general or project-specific), meeting series, fellowships, publications, educational programming, communications, amongst other activities.

Benefits of supporting the Centre for Knowledge Sovereignty:

  • Opportunity to be associated with a prestigious organization
  • Rich interaction with like-minded scholars, professionals and citizens
  • Intellectually stimulating experiences

Individual Memberships

We seek diversity, and balance in its membership. Criteria for membership include intellectual achievement and expertise; degree of experience, interest, and current involvement in technology, policy, law enforcement affairs; potential contributions to Centre’s work; desire and ability to participate in our activities.

Membership dues

  1. Regular Membership: Rs. 2500 per year
  2. Retired Government Officers: Rs. 1000 per year
  3. Current Students from Indian Universities: Rs. 500 per year

Corporate Memberships
CKS’s Corporate Program provides a unique forum where business leaders can interact with distinguished thinkers and practitioners in government, policy, academia, and the private sector through exclusive events and engagement with CKS experts.


  • Founding Members
  • Patrons
  • Affiliates
  • Educational / Research Institutions


  • Attend not-for-attribution sessions that allow substantive discussions
  • Receive invitations to member-only events
  • Connect with senior leaders from the government and private sector
  • Attend exclusive brings with CKS Fellows, topical experts
  • Participate in roundtable discussions, advisory groups and workshops

All Corporate Memberships are for a year except Founding Members, which is for a term of 3 years. Please send your interests on