Back Office Executive

About Centre for Knowledge Sovereignty

Centre for Knowledge Sovereignty (CKS) is a decade old policy-oriented, independent, nonpartisan, public-policy think tank that works to ensure Knowledge sovereignty, security and sustainability in India, with a focus on the sphere of technology and its associated spaces.

Centre for Knowledge Sovereignty is an organisation that engages in research and policy consulting in a broad range of fields. The fields that the organisation looks into all root themselves in technology and depend on technology for growth. In the current era, technology has penetrated all fields, and so Centre for Knowledge Sovereignty also stretches its purview across all domains.

The major areas of research that CKS ventures into are:

  • Data Sovereignty;
  • Data Privacy and Protection;
  • Geospatial Technology and Sovereignty;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Cyber Warfare;
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection;
  • Disruptive Technologies – Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, 3D Analytics, Drone Technology, etc;
  • Trade Agreements;
  • Geo-politics;
  • Sustainable Energy and Environment.

Job Requirements

  • Graduate in any discipline
  • Excellent communication skills in Hindi and English
  • Knowing other regional languages is an advantage
  • Ability to use Basic Microsoft Office- MS Excel, Word, PPT Software efficiently
  • Hands on experience in Internet based Search engines (Google or others)

Job Description

Back Office Representative will be required to connect with members or connects of CKS to inform them about our current programs and initiative. This will also include:

  • Speaking to the Connects at regular intervals to inform about our activities.
  • Answering queries about the current programs and initiatives.
  • Enter and update connects information in the database
  • Keep records of calls note useful information in excel format.
  • Draft email communications and follow-up on them
  • Send reminders to connects and members of CKS about different activities
  • Coordinate for logistics and other services with the vendors
  • Handle all back-office day to day activities.

An effective candidate will be enthusiastic and an excellent communicator with excellent people management and interaction skills. They must be comfortable presenting our activities and services over the phone as well as dealing with queries and resolving the same.

Steps Forward

If you feel you fit the description, please send us an email at:

  • Email:
  • Enter in the Subject line: *First Name* *Last Name* Back Office Executive Application
  • Attach your complete one-page resume with your contact details included.
  • The Job offer closes on the 10th of December.